Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Armed for Battle

I received my mediport today. Via an out patient procedure, a small medical device was placed under the skin and connected to the big vein in your neck. The needles are poked into the device, saving my veins from having to be continuously jammed at. This is good. This thing  - looks like a lump on my upper chest - will serve as my catheter for chemotherapy, which starts Monday. Everything went well. My neck is a bit sore but otherwise, we are good to go.

Liz, as expected, was a trooper. All in all we were at the hospital for 6 hours. She will read a lot of books thru all this!!!

I also had my haircut super short tonight. I did not want to watch my long, curly red hair fall out. I needed to take control and have it cut short. And I needed to do it now. I felt wonderful. Many thanks to our friend Anne, who ownes a super cool salon in downtown Del Ray. And without hesitation agreed. Having gone thru two brain surgeries herself, I would not want anyone else to care for me Right now. She will also be on call for the time when my hair starts to fall out. 

I'm ready. I feel good. I've heard from folks far and wide today at the request of my wife. They responded in bucket-loads. I have my village. I have my armor. Let's get this party started.

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  1. Jacki-WE LOVE YOU and are so grateful you are so strong!! You are right, you will kick Cancers bootie!! We are sending love and strength your way! XOXO M&M