Saturday, February 4, 2017

Telling my Everything

The day I tell my brother. The one conversation I fretted about having was the one where I'd have to tell my little brother his big sister has cancer. If the tables were reversed I'd be devastated. It's just Jeff and I against the world when push comes to shove. The world without him would be meaningless. He's my everything.

After the girl went to school Liz and I sat them down. I said I had news I needed to share and I looked at Jeff and said "I have breast cancer ". I have found it easier – in my short time with the Cancer to deliver the news if I just blurt it out. Folks on the other end of the conversation may feel otherwise, but whatever….It’s not about THEM right now…..

Both he and Mark were fabulous. Supportive. Encouraging. I told them the plan. Liz filled in the details I can no longer hold in my head. We were all ok. I was grateful to have that piece of this journey over. He knows. He wants to come up and be there for me. I can't ask for anything more. They are going tell the girl on a day and time of their choosing. I support their parenting decision.

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