Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Today I craved pizza. Now, let’s be clear, we are not a pizza-eating family. My dear wife – bless her heart – only eats pizza after running a marathon. No other time is pizza a part of our diet. But today (actually it started yesterday) I am craving pizza. So where does a cancer warrior go in Dupont Circle, Washington DC for pizza? Well, if you aren’t sure you ask the “youngsters”. The millennials in my office who are always up for a challenge. A task. A test. A party. Pizza! They rallied around my need and came up with several choices within walking distance of the office. I knew they’d pull through.

I dive into my choices – kinda sparse if you ask me as this is certainly NOT NYC where you can simply pick up a “slice’ around just about any corner you walk – and decided on THE pizza joint in Dupont Circle – Pizza Paradiso. This place has been around since 1991. I remember it well in its original spot – a crowded, small, second floor row house building, always jammed with young, well-intended pizza lovers looking for the best pizza – and pizza combinations - DC could muster. Still is today, although thankfully, they’ve expanded into a bigger space in Dupont and even moved into glamorous Old Town Alexandria, and into glitzy, fabulous Georgetown, with the wonderfully over-priced “must have” cupcake spot of said name.

Anyways, I  go all 21st century and order myself their 9 inch personal pizza online (well, I say “personal” size  because I’m only one gonna be eating this beauty) and hold out until 12:15 when I can get myself over there and pick it up.

I’m thankful I have an appetite at all. The first round of chemo for me, as you all know, was rather rough. I was sick to my stomach for about 5 days. Now, most of that – as you also now know – was due to my stubbornness of not taking my meds. This round, I sucked down those pills every 4 hours around the clock and I must day that I felt OK through the brutality of the first 4-5 days. Now, the nausea is gone – even without meds – and I need that pizza!

OK. It was just what I wanted. Hit the spot as they say. Ate the whole thing – which I’m sure the result will be a blog post for a later time. Done. Craving met. Choice met. Satisfied. Feeling good heading into the next week or so until my next (third) treatment.

By the way, I am grateful I don’t have to choose between my IPhone and healthcare – just sayin’ - and it’s so gratifying to know that whenever I get a craving for pizza – or whatever I choose - I’ll just go get it! Get yours!


  1. How I miss and love Pizzeria Paradiso!! Yum!!!

  2. Too bad you couldn't get a Happy Joe's pizza!! Hang in there.

  3. Keep up the valiant fight Jacki! Next time you might consider Comet pizza up Connecticut Ave. to show your support for the underground Clinton pedophilia ring... πŸ˜‰