Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Searching For Peace With Cancer

Ok, so October - or “Pink-tober” as its known to be called has been overwhelming so far to say the least. “Be aware of this”, “did you know about that”, “check this”, “squeeze that” ..... you get the idea. EVERYTHING is about my disease this month.
I am honored to be invited to two NFL Cancer Awareness games this month and I am humbled by the generosity of my “village” in the success of raising money for cancer support and research. This being my first Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with some would say why-too-much-intimate knowledge of the disease is, well ... a lot.

However, having gone thru hell and back, I feel the responsibility to share what I’ve learned about breast cancer to everyone and anyone who will listen. And as painful as it is to re-live and to focus so intently on this disease, if it saves one life, if it reminds one woman to get her mammogram, if it helps one other cancer patient to know she’s not alone, it will have been worth it.

The sharing of information and building of camaraderie with others going thru or having gone thru cancer is vital to truly “surviving”. Just knowing you aren’t the only one struggling with “tomorrow” is immensely powerful. And “surviving” means so much more than just getting through treatment. Now that I have basically completed my “active treatment” phase, I’m entering the phase of “survivorship” with anxiety and apprehension. What does it mean to have had cancer? Will it come back? How would I know?

To this end, I begin the third round of six of the chemo drug, Xeloda as a preventative measure. And I have entered counseling. Both group counseling and individual counseling in the hopes to seek out others who have walked my path and understand my fears. And to speak my truth and hopefully find peace with my “new normal”. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Keep rooting for me. #FuckCancer #Onward

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