Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Power of Blue Sky


Those who have followed my cancer journey know that I have a strongly held belief the results of the 2016 presidential election – and my emotional reaction to it – was a contributing factor in my cancer diagnosis just some 30 days following.

And so, on this election day now four years later, as the anxiety and uneasiness builds, I remind myself of how much I’ve changed – not just the fact that I now live with having a cancer diagnosis - but because of it, I’m a stronger person, a more grateful person, and a more hopeful person. A person with a bigger mental toolbox, capable of withstanding life’s heartbreak and despair.

I meditate every morning, every day. I focus on being mindful and in the moment and not take the dark path into the unknown and scary. I remind myself constantly of the “blue sky” theory that tells me no matter how dark the clouds, or how shitty the weather seems, above all that is clear, blue sky. It’s always there. A constant, no matter what. So, focus on the blue sky. Breathe to the blue sky.

But yea, I’m anxious about the 2020 results. I understand the importance of electing leaders who you respect and trust, and who bring dignity to the office. And I realize the consequence of not doing so is devastating. I recognize the power of stress and bad juju on my physical and mental health. And so I’ve tried to consciously put myself in a “self-care bubble” for days leading up to this day. And I’ve pulled out every coping skill that having cancer has given me. May it be enough.

Focus on the blue sky, America. Breathe. Vote. 

 #KeepRooting4Me #Grateful #Hope